General Services

We provide gentle dental care to children, adults and senior citizens. Our services include dental hygiene, restorations, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, veneers, bonding, tooth whitening, dentures, custom made athletic mouthguards.

Digital Radiograhphy

We use digital radiography in our treatment and diagnosis in order to provide our patients with better diagnostic imaging with less radiation. Computerized Digital Radiography uses up to 90% less radiation than standard dental x-rays. With CDR images, we are able to magnify the image and evaluate oral conditions easier and faster. We use the Schick Digital Radiography system. For more information go to

Tooth Shade Analysis

Crystaleye Olympus has a camera system just for the dental office, the Crystaleye. The Crystaleye allows the dentist, patient and dental lab to see pictures and information about the patient's teeth and smile. The system not only sees what color the tooth is according to dental shade guides, but it also allows the patient to see exactly how much their teeth have lightened from whitening,and what shade their new crown or veneer will be. Dr. Lehmann is the inventor of this technology, and holds various patents in this area.

Tooth Whitening

Want a whiter smile? We have been whitening teeth with great success for over the past 20 years, thanks to Ultradent Products. All of these products are totally safe and effective in helping you get a whiter, brighter smile. BOOST - in chair , in office 1 hour, whitening treatment. Opalescence Home Kit - custom trays with your choice of three strengths of whitening solutions (10%, 15%,20% & now 35%) for use at home. Opalescence GO - the newest addition to our line of whitening options for you. Disposable, prefilled whitening trays in kits of 10 applications. Wearing the tray for just 15 minutes a day will give you a whiter smile in just days.